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BFT Predator Wifi Video Intercom
Manufacturer: BFT


Simple setup by mobile phone. Connect to the system video directly through your phone's or tablet's wifi, enter the pass code for the home hub wifi and your devices are connected. View the gate/door any time with monitoring mode! Open gates with your phone / tablet.
Price: $1,399.00

Ritron RGG1-156-XT-KP VHF "License Free" GateGuard Package
Manufacturer: Ritron


The Ritron GateGuard system consists of a rugged, wireless intercom/callbox with customized features that work with any combination of Ritron portable radios and desktop base stations —or can be programmed to work with virtually any other brand of VHF or UHF business band radio.
Price: $1,699.00

GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad F3100MBC / 3100MBC (Mighty Mule FM136)
Manufacturer: GTO


The GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom / Keypad F3100MBC is a versatile intercom system that allows for clear communication between an outsider requesting entrance to the property, and a person inside of the property. Also enables you to grant access to your property by instructing the visitor to press a button on the keypad at the gate. This was formerly the GTO 4100 keypad.
Price: $269.00