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Manufacturer: Magnetic Autocontrol
Magnetic Autocontrol Catrax CLIP Turnstile Discounts Apply !
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Magnetic Autocontrol Catrax CLIP Turnstile
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Magnetic Autocontrol Catrax Clip Turnstile

Catrax Clip was specifically designed for disabled people. It has an innovative design and was manufactured in a smaller size to enable quicker and easier passage. This model is ergonomic, practical and safe. In addition, the turnstile pedestal was designed to withstand the impact produced by wheel chairs. Not rated for continuous duty and should be used for handicapped lanes only.

  • External finish in carbon steel with epoxy powder coating. Optionally, the cabinet can be made of brushed stainless steel (AISI 304). The top cover consists of a stainless steel plate, finished with strong plastic parts;
  • Rounded corners to avoid injury or damage;
  • “Paper clip” style arm in AISI 304 stainless steel, mounted on vertical shaft, giving 180-degree horizontal movement for passage in both directions (entry and exit). Available with optional extension below arm;
  • Industrial bearing mount for smooth and sturdy movement of the arm;
  • Bi-directional system, with the capacity to block or release the turnstile in four different ways: (1) allow entry and exit; (2) block entry and exit; (3) permit entry only; (4) permit exit only;
  • Two optical sensors identify direction of passage and control locking mechanism;
  • Locking mechanism activated by electromagnets instead of solenoids, giving greater reliability;
  • No visible screws: access to internal components of the turnstile is by lock and key;
  • Locking mechanism open in default position – in case of power failure the turnstile moves freely in both directions. The system can be used for anti-panic;
  • Column-style model to fixed to the floor with four bolts;
  • Optional microprocessor controller board with four inputs and two outputs;
  • Optional full range power source (input from 90 to 250 VAC and output of 12v 2 A);
  • Optional pictogram in front side helps visualize information using green LEDs, to indicate access allowed, and red LEDs, to indicate access denied;
  • Optional electromagnetic card device and a card collection box, with card programming and recognition, for the process of granting access.
  • Bi-Direction Swing Gate for ADA Type Applications
  • High Performance Electro-Magnetic Locking Mechanism
  • No Solenoids to Wear Out
  • Easy-to-Configure Controller
  • Several Housing, Hood Color and Access Control Options
  • IP32 Housing
  • Lighted Pictograms Standard
  • 115V 60 Hz

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