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Manufacturer: Linear / AllStar / OSCO
Linear SMDRG Long Range Receiver Discounts Apply !
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Linear SMDRG Long Range Receiver
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Linear SMDRG Description

The Linear SMDRG is a 24V single channel receiver with one form "C" relay output. This high gain receiver is for both residential and commercial gate applications. Features a type D external antenna connector. Works in Linear's MegaCode format. Capacity for 40 codes.

Range is up to 300 feet with Linear MDT series visor remotes and up to 200 feet with linear ACT series keychain remotes. Typical installation with line of sight view will provide an approximate range of 80-100 feet.

  • High RFI immunity
  • Stores 40 transmitter codes
  • Comes with F Connector
  • Comes with whip antenna
  • Supplied with mounting antenna
  • High gain superheterodyne receiver

Linear SMDRG Compatibility

  • Linear EXA 1000 Antenna
  • Linear EXA 2000 Antenna
  • Linear ACT21B Remote
  • Linear ACT-22B Remote
  • Linear MT-1, MT-1B Remote
  • Linear MT-2, MT-2B Remote
  • Linear ACT-31B Remote
  • Linear ACT-34B Remote
  • Linear MDT-1, MDT-1B Remote
  • Linear MDT-2, MDT-2B Remote
  • Linear MDT-4, MDT-4B Remote
  • Linear MDTK Keypad
  • Linear MDKP Keypad
  • Linear MDT-2B, MDT-2BB

Range is up to 300 feet with Linear MDT series visor remotes and up to 200 feet with linear ACT series keychain remotes.

Linear SMDRG Manuals

Linear SMDRG Manual
Linear MDR-U Single Channel Plug-In ReceiverLinear MDR-U Single Channel Plug-In Receiver - $27.99
The Linear MDR-U 1-channel Plug-in Receiver is a versatile (universal) receiver that makes it very easy to equip nearly any garage door or gate operator for use with Linear's popular MegaCode format transmitters.
Linear MDRM 1-Channel Internal Receiver with Solid State OutputLinear MDRM 1-Channel Internal Receiver with Solid State Output - Please call for special pricing (800) 730-8382

This Model Is Discontinued. Please see Linear MDR-U as a possible replacement.

The Linear MDRM is compatible with Linear Moore-o-Matic "Z" series operators. It is a single-channel receiver with one solid-state output for replacement of garage door operators with built-in, recessed receiver.
Linear MDRG Megacode 1 Channel ReceiverLinear MDRG Megacode 1 Channel Receiver - $31.99
The Linear MDRG is a MegaCode series of digital receivers are wireless radio controls designed for use with automatic gate openers. The MegaCode radio format provides unparalleled security.
Linear MDR Single Channel ReceiverLinear MDR Single Channel Receiver - $22.99
Linear MDR Megacode System single channel receiver model MDR Let's you add or delete remote devices at will 318 Mhz frequency, smart button coding - no dip swithes to set.
Price: $45.00

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