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Manufacturer: GTO
GTO PRO SW3000XLS Automatic Gate Operator with FREE RB741 Transmitter Discounts Apply !
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GTO PRO SW3000XLS Automatic Gate Operator with FREE RB741 Transmitter
  • Description

GTO PRO SW3000XLS Description

The GTO PRO SW3000XLS series will operate a gate up to 16 ft. (4.9 m) long and weighing 650 lbs. (294.8 kg) each leaf if all proper installation procedures have been followed. Ball bearing hinges should be used on all gates weighing over 250 lbs. (113.4 kg). Included is a FREE RB741 transmistter

  • One button auto-memorization of digital transmitter code.
  • Includes battery backup, 318 MHz radio receiver, entry transmitter, AC transformer and all necessary mounting hardware for a post mounted installation, 16˝ (40.6 cm) total offset.


  • The GTO® control board can be programmed for pull-to-open or push-to-open.
  • Operating temp -5 F (-21C) to +160 F (71 C).
  • Opening time: From 15 to 18 seconds.
  • Range of arm stroke: is up to 16˝ (41 cm).
  • Operator length: with arm fully retracted is 40.25˝ (102 cm), mounting point to mounting point.
  • Operation, diagnostic and safety alarms.
  • Inherent obstruction sensing.
  • Soft start/soft stop—for long mechanical life expectancy.
  • Auto close adjustable 3–120 seconds delay.


  • 12 Volt DC / 7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable battery (included). Battery charge is maintained by a 120V AC/60 Hz input, 18V AC, 40 VA. output, transformer rectified to 14V DC through control board
  • Powered by a reliable 12 Volt (120 Watt) DC motor, 16:1 planetary gear drive system.
  • Charging regulated circuit on control board. “Sleep draw” is 15 mA; “active draw” is 3 to 7 amps.


GTO PRO SW3000XLS Specifications

GTO PRO SW3000XLS Diagram

GTO PRO SW3000XLS Single Installation manual

GTO PRO SW3000XLS Dual Installation Manual

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Price: $689.00

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