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Manufacturer: GTO
GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad F3100MBC / 3100MBC (Mighty Mule FM136) Discounts Apply !
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GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad F3100MBC / 3100MBC (Mighty Mule FM136)
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GTO / PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad ( Mighty Mule FM136 ) Description

This Model Is Discontinued. Please see GTO Pro Wireless Intercom Keypad Kit F6100MBC as a replacement.

This intercom system allows clear communication between a person outside the entrance to the property, and a person inside of the property. The GTO/PRO Wireless Intercom Keypad F3100MBC lets you to grant access to your property by instructing the person outside to press a button on the keypad to open the gate. This was formerly the GTO 4100 keypad.

When someone without an access code reaches the gate, they can press the CALL button on the keypad which will ring the base unit placed inside the house. To answer the CALL, the person inside the house presses and holds the ANSWER button to talk to the person making the CALL, releasing the ANSWER button to listen. To allow the person calling to open the gate, press the GRANT PERMISSION button. Then the person at the keypad can press any key to open the gate.

The GTO F3100MBC provides superb range with two-way communication that reaches up to 500 Ft. A maximum of 4 indoor base unit ( 1 included in the package ) that are mobile and can operate within any location of your home.

  • Increased Surveillance: Screen visitors and solicitors safely from inside your home.
  • Superior Range: Crystal clear two-way wireless communication up to 500 ft. (152.4 m).
  • Stand Alone Keypad: Program up to 100 entry codes for added security. Motion activated backlit keypad Attractive aluminum faceplate Vandal resistant locked housing
  • Access Control: Accept or deny access to your property with the touch of a button.
  • Interior intercom is mobile and can be used anywhere in your home (battery and charger included).
  • Accepts up to 4 base stations: Kit includes one base station with rechargeble battery.
  • Exterior Intercom/Keypad can be powered with four "AA" batteries (not included) or the gate operator's 12 Volt DC power source.


GTO F3100MBC Specs
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