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Manufacturer: GTO
GTO / PRO Wireless Gate Entry Intercom FM136 Discounts Apply !
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GTO / PRO Wireless Gate Entry Intercom FM136
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GTO / PRO Wireless Gate Entry Intercom FM136

The Wireless Intercom/Keypad has two separate units: the KEYPAD and the BASE UNIT. The keypad should be mounted outside the gate allowing visitors to press the CALL button from their vehicle. The base unit is powered by a rechargeable battery; the charge is maintained by the transformer. It can also be disconnected from the transformer allowing it to go anywhere within range for convenience. Up to three additional base units can be added for convenience in different locations throughout the house.

When someone without an access code approaches the gate, they can press the CALL button on the keypad which will ring the base unit inside the house. To answer the CALL, the person inside presses and holds the ANSWER button to talk to the person at the gate, releasing the ANSWER button to listen. To allow the person calling to open the gate, the GRANT PERMISSION button must be pressed. Then the person at the gate can press any number key on the keypad to open the gate. The END CALL button terminates the calls and the ON/OFF switch can be used to conserve power when using unit on battery (note: the base station will not receive a signal if turned OFF).

Up to 25 different personal Entry Codes may be programmed into the keypad, allowing you to give different temporary and permanent Entry Codes to different users. For example, you can give a delivery person their own temporary entry code, which you can easily change after he has made the delivery. This will prevent him from being able to regain access, while still allowing those to whom you gave permanent Entry Codes full access.

After entering a valid code, pressing any key on the keypad while the gate is opening will stop the gate; pressing any key while the gate is stopped will cause the gate to reverse direction. The keypad will not affect the auto-close setting of your gate opener system.

The keypad will light up and the unit will beep at the press of any key. The keypad memory will recognize your entry code in a string of up to 20 digits. If it finds the correct sequence, it will activate the gate opener. As a security feature, the keypad will shut down for 40 seconds if it does not find the correct code sequence within a 20-digit string. This will discourage an unauthorized person from trying to use random numbers to access your property.

Entry Codes will remain stored in memory even when the batteries go dead. The keypad will remember your Entry Codes as long as you donít press the RESET button.

FM136 Manual

GTO FM136 Manual
Price: $199.00

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