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Manufacturer: BFT
Hands Free Long Range Access Kit - BFT Passy System Discounts Apply !
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Hands Free  Long Range Access Kit - BFT Passy System
  • Description

Hands Free Long Range Access Kit - BFT Passy System

This is a hands free long range access kit which includes a BFT passy omnidirectional antenna, BFT Clonix 2E, and two BFT Passy transponders.

  • Jails & Security: When it may be unsafe for a guard to reach for keys
  • Activate a Gate: Store the transponder in your glove box and have a gate open on approach
  • Activate a Magnetic Lock
  • 1 BFT Passy Antenna Omni (D111457): The antenna is a microwave interrogation device . It emits a 2,45 GHz microwave signal that generates the triggering zone for the transponder.
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  • 2 BFT Passy Transponders: The transponder stands-by until it is "awakened" by the antenna. Right after its activation, the transponder emits a 433 MHz radio signal to open the gate.
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  • 1 BFT Clonix 4RTE Receiver: It picks up the 433 MHz signal by the transponder, that, if accepted, commands the opening of the gate. The 433 MHz radio signal of the PASSY TRANSPONDER is the same signal as MITTO remote controls.
    • THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: PASSY makes it possible to command the gate without performing any action. Simply approach the gate and see it open.
    • SAFETY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: No distractions while driving. PASSY lets you keep your eyes on the road, for our own safety and that of who is around us.
    • EXCLUSIVITY AND ELEGANCE: PASSY features groundbreaking technology and is "invisible", not jarring with the surroundings in which it is installed.
    • TOTAL PROTECTION: PASSY features the protection against unauthorized copying of MITTO systems. The Rolling-Code encryption system guarantees 100% secure commands and prevents any kind of external breach.
    • ABSOLUTE COMPATIBILITY: PASSY is totally compatible with any BFT installation equipped with CLONIX receiver. It is not needed to add a separate receiving device. Furthermore PASSY features all the functions of the MITTO remote controls (clonability, block programming, remote programming and receiver archives management with PROXIMA).
    • SIMPLE AND QUICK INSTALLATION: PASSY is extremely quick to install, just connect two power supply wires and PASSY is up and running.
    • FULL EXPANDABILITY: PASSY can be integrated with a COMPASS access control system with the use of an RTD-CA. All the features of the COMPASS system are kept when used with PASSY.
    Do you have an existing BFT Gate? Well, it already includes a receiver, and you'll just need to add an antenna. Check this kit out!
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