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Manufacturer: LiftMaster
MyQ Connected Product Bundle With 828LM Internet Gateway & 888LM Control Panel + MyQ Product Options Discounts Apply !
$15 Off $1500 - $2999
$25 Off $2,000 - $4,999
$35 Off $5,000 & up
MyQ Connected Product Bundle With 828LM Internet Gateway & 888LM Control Panel + MyQ Product Options
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MyQ Connected Product Bundle With 828LM Internet Gateway & 888LM Control Panel + MyQ Product Options

Gone are the days of wondering if you put the door down or worrying over the kids forgetting their keys. Now, any LiftMaster® garage door opener can be controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the new 888LM MyQ® Control Panel (when paired with the 828LM LiftMaster® Internet Gateway, sold separately). MyQ® technology enables you to manage, monitor and control everything from your garage door opener to lights and beyond – anytime, and from anywhere. It also allows for simple programming of new MyQ® Accessories and Security+ 2.0™ remote controls and keyless entry products and features Timer-to-Close, that automatically closes the garage door after a pre-programmed number of minutes – making it easy if you have your hands full.

Liftmaster 888LM Control Panel

  • Opens and closes myQ-enabled garage door opener.
  • Control your Garage Door Opener lights from inside your garage.
  • Adjustable light timer with Timer-to-Close feature.
  • Easy Programing Sync remote controls and myQ-Enabled accessories directly from the control panel.
  • Wide Safety Sensor Equipped with a 150° sensing angle motion detector.
  • Compatible with LiftMaster openers manufactured after 1998 with a red or purple “learn” button.
  • Internet Gateway (828LM) that enables smartphone control.

Liftmaster 828LM Internet Gateway

Connect your garage door opener, gate operator and MyQ® Accessories to the Internet, enabling smartphone control.

  • Add smartphone control to your myQ-enabled products.
  • Check the status or control your garage doors, gates or myQ lights from anywhere.
  • Receive real-time alerts and create schedules.
  • Easily plugs into a Wi-Fi router.
  • Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.
  • LiftMaster myQ-enabled garage door openers (look for the myQ logo on the opener).
  • LiftMaster myQ-enabled gate operators.
  • myQ Control Panel (Model 888LM) and myQ Lighting Controls (823LM, 825LM and 827LM)

MyQ Connected Product Bundle With 828LM Internet Gateway & 888LM Control Panel Manuals

888 MyQ Control Panel Manual

828LM User's Guide

828LM QuickStart Manual

Liftmaster 811LM Single Button Remote ControlLiftmaster 811LM Single Button Remote Control - $14.50
Liftmaster 811LM is a universal DIP Single-Button Remote Control
Liftmaster 825LM Remote Light ControlLiftmaster 825LM Remote Light Control - $30.99

Lights on. Lights off. The LiftMaster® Remote Light Control lets you control your home lighting in three ways: with your garage door opener remote control, your garage door opener (it mimics the garage door opener work lights), or from your smartphone or computer via the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway accessory.

829LM Garage and Gate Monitor829LM Garage and Gate Monitor - $37.99

Now you won't have to go downstairs or outside to see if you accidentally left the garage door or gate open. With the LiftMaster® Garage and Gate Monitor, you can check and close the garage door or gate from any room in the house.

Liftmaster 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote ControlLiftmaster 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Control - $28.50
This powerful multi-door control can operate three garage door openers or gate operators, or MyQ® enabled light accessories. It features Security+2.0™ rolling code technology that significantly reduces radio wave interference and makes it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your remote control signal. Plus, it's compatible with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 1993.
Add 811LM Remotes No, do not add 811LM Remotes
Add Two 811LM Remotes (+$29.00)
Add Four 811LM Remotes (+$58.00)
Add Six 811LM Remotes (+$87.00)
Add 893MAX Remotes No, I do not want an 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Control
Add Two 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Control (+$57.00)
Add Four 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Controls (+$114.00)
Add Six 893MAX 3-Button Visor Remote Controls (+$171.00)
Add 829LM Garage and Gate Monitor No, I do not want an 829LM Monitor
Add One 829LM Monitor (+$37.99)
Add 825LM Remote Light Control No, I do not want an 825LM Remote Light Control
Add One 825LM Remote Light Control (+$30.99)
Price: $97.94

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