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You have landed on our most popular page to purchase a FAAC Parking Barrier Gate, FAAC Slide Gate Opener, FAAC Swing Gate Opener or FAAC Electric Automatic Door Opener! “All Security Equipment” is an authorized factory direct reseller and therefore offers a valid FAAC product warranty with every FAAC product purchased on this website. Shop below our extensive product assortment of FAAC gate systems and gate openers or call us toll FREE at 800-730-8382!

FAAC Gate Openers

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Swing Gate Motors
Slide Gate Motors
Barrier Gate Motors
390 746 (Chain) 615
400 746 (Rack & Pinion) 620 (115V)
402 CBC 844 (Chain) 620 (230V)
412 844 (Rack & Pinion) 640 (115V)
415 DSL2000 640 (230V)
S418 FSL700 680H
Best Selling FAAC Opener Promotions

FAAC Single 400 CBAC
with Free Keypad
FAAC Dual 400 CBAC
with Free Keypad
FAAC 950 N2 Push Arm
with Free Keypad
FAAC 950 N2 Pulling Arm
with Free Keypad