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Telephone Entry Systems

A telephone entry systems incorporates control and communication into your gate / door .

The amount of management will depend on how sophisticated you want your system to be but basically what it does is it calls your telephone line in order for you to communicate to a person requesting access to your property.

You can have the unit call a regular land line or in some cases forward that call to a mobile device thus allowing you to take the call and allow or deny access even if you are not on the premises.

Nowadays, the development of very efficient and fast data and voice transfer rates over cellular networks make it possible to even use “cellular telephone entry systems” that work without the need of a land line and the functionality of a cellular phone.

This technology is ideal for ...

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Access Control RFID Technology

RFID stands for : Radio Frequency Identification and is the use of magnetic fields to transfer data which can be used to identify and track tags attached to objects.

This technology is very useful and efficient in the field of access and identification control and, depending on how the electromagnetic waves are created the information can travel wirelessly for hundreds of meters. The tag does not require to be within line of sight and can actually be embedded in the object to be tracked.

RFID tags are used in many industries, for example a tag can be attached to an automobile during production to track is progress through the assembly line. The same can be done for aliments, livestock and pets.

The potential use of this technology is a field that has just barely been touched , millions ...

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Magnetic Autocontrol Access Pro Parking Barrier Gate

The Magnetic Autocontrol Access Pro Parking Barrier Gate is probably the most individual parking barrier in the world since it can be customized to the particular needs of the customer including a wide range of colors.

They are delivered as a complete system including the MGC Pro barrier controller, an integrated 2-channel loop detector module, the VarioBoom plus a drive system adapted to the greater boom length.

The parking Select has all the features of the parking pro but the color and special painting is freely selectable.

Interested in an parking barrier gate for your property? Give us a call toll free at 1-800-730-8382 and we’ll provide you with some options to choose from.

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Question: New remotes will not work after programming

Question: New remotes will not work after programming

Answer: All transmitters (remotes) are shipped with an access code and a Facility Code. While the access code is required when programming transmitters, the Facility Code is optional. Often, when someone programs a block of transmitters, they will also program the Facility Code. At a later date, if someone else programs transmitters and they happen to be a different Facility Code, they won’t work.

The simplest “fix” for this situation is to “zero out” the facility codes in the receiver. By doing this, the receiver will grant access to any transmitter programmed in to it, regardless of the Facility Code. To zero out, or remove Facility Codes:

These instructions are valid for receiver model Linear AP5 & AP4


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