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How does the Model PB1200 Photo Beam Safety Sensor work?

Glen has a bit of an enigma here… How does the Model PB1200 Photo Beam Safety Sensor work? We have a gate that we need to have open when a car approaches to leave the property. Does this require electrical power or can it run off of the gate opener battery?

Answer: Well Glen allow me to explain, it entirely depends on which model operator you own. If your operator does have a battery backup AND you are supplying power to the photocell from the operator control panel, then the answer is yes it will continue to function even during a power failure or power outage. However if you have it connected on anything other than the operators control board, or if the operator or your attached power supply does not have a battery backup system, then unfortunately it will not work at all...

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What is a mortise lock?

A mortise lock is a lock that requires a pocket—the mortise—to be cut into the door or piece of furniture into which the mechanism is going to lock,  they have recently become more common in commercial and upmarket residential construction and in the application of security systems. They are widely used on all types of doors where a surface mounted magnetic lock is not feasible such as doors that swing both in and out or where the frame does not allow for a bulky locking system. The magnetic mortise lock itself has to be cut-in and installed inside of the door frame while the catch plate with the springs and pins gets installed into the door itself and it uses the magnetic field to pull the plate unto the magnet and secure the pins into the notches.

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Murphy’s Door Magnetic Lock Wiring Instructions

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Liftmaster 2 button (892LT) and 4 button (894LT) Learning Remotes

Let me bring to your attention an incredibly convenient and affordable solution for all of your gated community applications.

The sleek and ergonomically designed LiftMaster® 2-Button Learning Remote Control (892LT) and 4-Button Learning Remote Control (894LT) deliver best-in-class performance and security. These extraordinary members of the LiftMaster family geared to help out in Gated Community Applications to help eliminate the need for multiple remotes whenever the need arises to operate LiftMaster Garage Door Openers, Gate Operators, Commercial Door Operators, or even MyQ accessories.

With an unparalleled cloning capability of these remotes you can program your existing device to any of the individually “learning” buttons which, with the independent button programming, allows each ...

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Question: Is it possible to upgrade my combo lock rifle safe with a biometric lock?

Question: Robert would like to know… Is it possible to upgrade my combo lock rifle safe with a biometric lock?

Answer: Good morning Robert, the answer is yes but only if your safe has some type of electronic latch, solenoid lock or magnetic lock. However, if your locks are strictly mechanical (dead bolt/ keylock) then this type of lock will not work and you will need something like the FINGERPRINT MODEL PB-U10BBZ100CAP / FAS-PB-U10SV100CAP.

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