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Handicapped Accessible Commercial Entryways

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a commercial business. Catering to the needs of all customers is a must. Sometimes, certain demographics are accidentally overlooked. Is your business accessible to all customers? Having a handicapped accessible business is not only politically correct, it is thoughtful and kind. People should not have to ask you for help when trying to enter your business. Your customers deserve the best treatment available, so make sure they get it.

Equip your business with handicap access control systems for hands-free handicapped access. Making your entryways handicapped accessible is easy with equipment from All Security Equipment. We provide a multitude of add-ons for your entryways...

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Why are photo beams used with gate operators?

Safety is a main concern at For this reason we have chosen to discuss the use of photo beams within gate operators. Typically the majority of professionals in the security industry suggested that a gate operator should be equipped with either one or two photo beams to ensure safety. Photo beams are devices that transmit a beam of light across the area a gate opener is opening. This beam functions as a signal to the gate operator. If the beam is tripped it will prevent the gate operator from closing or reverse the gates motion. For example, if you have a gate opener installed in a residential area and a child runs past the beam when the gate is closing, the beam will sense the child and instead reverse the closing motion and open the gate once more...

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Why installing a parking lot system will eliminate the need of an attendant?

Computerization has become the need of the hour and that is why many processes have been automated to cut down the cost and save time too. One of the processes that are being computerized at a rapid pace is the car parking system. Nowadays the car parking areas do not have attendants because they have been replaced with automated systems that are superior and reduce the problem of manual intervention too. These parking systems are used in malls, cinema halls, shopping centers and other important areas where people turn out in large numbers. There is no denial to the fact that the automated parking systems have brought about a huge change as it is more efficient as well as safe too.

There are unlimited advantages of installing the automated parking systems, a few of them are discussed below...

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Looking for Liftmaster or Apollo Replacement Parts?

OK Techies, let’s talk about service calls, service trucks and all the other wonderful stuff you go thru the day dealing with…

I am sure that all of you out there have your own hand tools, power tools, specialty tools and some tools that you have designed and built for your own ease of work! However there are a few items that everyone should keep on a truck that does commercial and gated community service, one of the most frequently used barriers is the Mega Arm so it is imperative that you use the LIF-MA001 Board (which works with the Megaswing and Megaslide by simply swapping out the logic chip), also the LIF-MA003 24VDC motor, again this works with all Megaarms, Megaswings and Megaslides...

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Magnetic Autocontrol Parking Barrier Gates

How about we talk today about the heavy duty, super commercial, very rugged and reliable Magnetic Autocontrol Barrier Gates.

Let’s start with the crown jewel of the family, the stuff that Magnetic shows off with, the TOLL, TOLL PRO and TOLL HISPEED.

The Toll barrier is the perfect barrier solution for high traffic toll systems. The barriers are available in two standard colors, white or orange. Each Toll contains the MGC control unit, 1.3 second open and close speeds, selectable auto-open on power failure, built in dual channel loop detector, additional optional swing away flange, and round MicroBoom.

The Toll Pro barriers are specifically designed for high use toll systems with lightning fast times of 0...

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