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“Solar” vs. “Green” Gate Operators.

How about we talk about going “SOLAR” OR “GREEN”?  You know those simple, sassy, super, solar powered, easily serviceable systems! I hear you, but let’s take a look at the ones that actually do work.

Allow me to turn your attention to the residential Apollo 1724 & 1824 Swing Gate Series, the tougher commercial 4300SW / 4500SW Swing gate operator as well as the more traditional and better known 1500/1600 Series. If it is a slide gate operator that you require then the 8300/8500 Slide Gate Operators are your babies…

Let’s start with the heart of all these systems, the incredibly practical, always reliable Apollo 1050 Control Board...

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Which tele-entry access control equipment is right for you?

Another day another ‘peso’. Today we will point out a very unique set of tele-entry access control equipment that should definitely be considered on every one of your future installations and upgrades.

Let’s check out the Linear Plus series, a family of access control and telephone entry models with built in battery back-ups.

We start with the AM-3 Plus. This little baby is ideal for your community clubhouses and pools, parking garages, commercial or industrial locations recreational sites. For starters, it offers the end user, four 3 Amp form “C” relays, two Weigand inputs and two PBUS input/output ports as well as four REX (request to exit) connections and four door positioning sensing ports...

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The ideal applications for LiftMaster’s LA Series Actuator Gate Operators: LA-400, LA-412 and LA-500.

We wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the ideal applications LiftMaster’s LA Series are used for and what each model in the series does. Commonly referred to as the LA Series Gate Actuators there are three models that fall into this category. They are the LA-400, the LA-412 and the LA-500.

The first one in the series is the LiftMaster LA-400 gate actuator. This operator is capable of swinging a gate up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. It is UL325 compliant for Class I, II, III, IV and 24volt DC with a battery backup system that offers a soft start/stop, a built in 315MHz (312HM) receiver, bi-part delay, clearly labeled control inputs and lock relay. This can be used on a single application as well as a master/slave setup...

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