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How do you install the GTO F310 Digital Keypad?

Below are detailed instructions on how to install the wired and wireless 25 code GTO F310 Digital Keypad. Please be sure to read the GTO F310 Digital Keypad directions carefully and completely.

25 Code GTO F310 Digital Keypad
Instructions for Wired and Wireless Installations

Thank you for purchasing the GTO Digital Keypad. Be sure to read the directions carefully and completely. Before permanently mounting the keypad, please program the keypad and test its range.

IMPORTANT: Your keypad may need to be hard wired due to the fact that it must accept interference according to FCC regulations listed below. For example, applications that are relativity close to cell towers or airports may receive intermittent interference and require hard-wiring.

The GTO Digital Keypad is a multipurpose keypad ...

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