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Standard features of the Liftmaster CSW24V Swing Gate Operator

The CSW24V is rated for gates 18 ft. long or 1,200 lbs. The LiftMaster® Elite Series® model CSW24V is engineered for a million cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications.

Liftmaster CSW24V Swing Gate Operator Standard Features include:Liftmaster CSW24V Swing Gate Operator

  • Power Management System
  • Supplies power when needed to operate the gate and conserves power when not in use
  • Provides exceptional standby time and cycles on battery backup
  • 7 days of standby time or 100 cycles on battery backup
  • Fire department compliant: selectable settings allow gate to auto-open upon loss of AC power or battery depletion
  • Advanced traffic management control includes Quick-close and Anti-tailgating functions
  • Bi-part delay: choose from Standard Operation or Synchronized Close
  • Simple-to-set electronic limit system maintains accurate gate po...
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