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ASE-N-FRF7 Fingerprint Access Controller


With a fingerprint storage capacity of 1000 (be default), the ASE-N-FRF7 Fingerprint Access Controller provides an extra level of security businesses are looking for today.
Price: $289.00

ASE-N-FRF8 Fingerprint Access Controller
Manufacturer: All Security Equipment


The ASE-N-FRF8 is a Fingerprint / Card Access and Keypad access controller providing an extra level of security businesses are looking for today.
Price: $349.00

ASE-SB-01SF 125 KHz Metal Fingerprint Access Control/Reader


The ASE-SB-01SF 125 KHz metal fingerprint access control/reader takes design inspiration form the supercar. Specially designed for the high-end market. Can be used as controller and reader to suit for different kinds of needs of the customer.
Price: $155.00

FAS-SB-F700EM-II Fringerprint and Access Card System
Manufacturer: FAS


This Model Is Discontinued. Please see SCK-01SF as a possible replacement.

The FAS-SB-F700EM-II is anti-vandal design, it adopts the new dark back ground technology, making it easy to read the fingerprint even though under the direct sunlight. It supports fingerprint and EM card, and it can be used as slave reader with wiegan 26.
Price: $155.00
Out of Stock

Outdoor Weatherproof Rated Standalone Biometric Finger Print Reader FAS-SCK-01SF
Manufacturer: FAS


With its modern design and sleek styling the FAS-SCK-01SF biometric finger print reader is a great solution for keyless entry at a great price.
Price: $98.50