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Manufacturer: Multi-Code
Multicode 109950 Receiver
Multicode 109950 Receiver
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MultiCode 1099 Description

Multicode 1099-50 Receiver is meant for use with gate openers. Local reception is aided by the icluded 11-inch whip antenna. Comes with 3 ft. of coaxial cable and a bulkhead connector for remote mounting of the whip antenna. 300 MHz or 310 MHz operation on 12-24 volts.

The 1099-50 is a dual frequency receiver. 300 and 310 Mhz operation can be set using an internal dipswitch. The receiver can be powered by seperate AC transformers or DC power supplies. The normally open relay output switches up to 1 amp at 30 VAC. A 3 ft. 1 conducter cable lead with spade lugs ic included for attachment to the gate opener's radio activation terminals.

A ten position coding switch is used for programming.

MultiCode 1099 Specifications

  • 300 (Multi-Code) and 310 (Stanley compatible)
  • MHz +/- 250 KHz; both formats support 1,024 system codes
  • (MCS109950) or 512 system codes (MCS302850)
  • Relay(s): MCS109950 = 1CH and MCS302850 =2CH; each relay is a Form C relay (NC connection available on PCB) rated at 30V AC/DC up to 5 Amps
  • RF Test Points: two test points for connecting of an audio listening device to hear what the receiver is hearing
  • Antenna: 75 Ohm F connector
  • Dip Switch: used to set the system code; on the MCS109950, all 10 switches can be used for the system code; the MCS302850 uses switch # 10 from the transmitter to determine which channel it should activate; thus only 9 switches can be used to create the system code
  • Power: 12 - 30 VAC or 10.5 - 30 VDC; 16 mA nominal, 50 mA maximum while relay is triggered
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -4F to +140F (-20C to +60C)
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.625 in W x 5.25 in H x 1.5 in D (92 x 133 x 38 mm)
  • Electrical Connections: 36" 22AWG wires on removable connectors:
  • Power: red and black wires
  • CH1 Relay: 2 gray wires
  • CH2 Relay: 2 yellow wires
  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: MCS109950 and MCS302850; 9.5" whip antenna, 3 ft coaxial cable, bulkhead connector, mounting hardware
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